•  Why More Couples Are Planning Destination Weddings
  •  How to Find a Great Destination Wedding Travel Agent
  • The Insiders' Guide to Getting Free Perks & Amenities
  •  Tips to Save YOU Money
  •  A Detailed Overview and Four Comprehensive Checklists for each stage of the Planning Process:
  • Destination and Property Selection
  • Negotiating Group Contracts and Amenities
  • Guest Deposits and Booking
  • Travel and Celebrations

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Ashley's wit and charm make this an easy and fun read, while educating on the destination wedding process and how all the cogs in the wheel work together for the perfect day. 

After reading this book, I can't imagine undertaking the most important day of my life without the expert guidance and planning of a destination wedding specialist like Ashley."


"I know firsthand the thought of planning a destination wedding can be intimidating and overwhelming. 

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Ashley Morris, Travel Agent & Destination Bride

Hi! I'm Ashley, a Travel Agent and former destination wedding bride. I put together this guide to make your Destination Wedding planning process a breeze! This book is currently for sale on Amazon, but I'm offering it to you for FREE for a limited time.

If you're new to planning, or if you're still exploring the idea of a Destination Wedding, this guide is for you. 

I created this book to make each step of the process crystal clear for you, your fiance and your friends or family. I also added lots of insider info and money-saving tips to get your planning off on the right foot! 

Did you know that hiring a travel agent usually saves you money, always saves you time and often gets your group special access to things you couldn't get otherwise? Even if you are traveling on a budget, hiring a smart and savvy travel agent is a great move!